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29 March 2020
28 March 2020


Once your design has been completed successfully, it will go through the manufacturing trail, where what happens to your creation may seem to be beyond your control. However, when your understanding of jewelry manufacturing is built into your design, you will be much better able to communicate what you want and to see the results you expected. A good design is more than a sketch; it is a blueprint for a piece of jewelry.

If the jewelry piece is one of a kind, it travels from model making directly to casting. After casting the piece is cleaned, stones are set, any additional work is completed, and it is hand polished. Finally, it is presented to the customer.

For years, we have been closely examining the tools and concepts that work best for jewelry designers. With History built right into models, a completely updated and streamlined interface, a host of new tools that follow the hottest design trends, a library of history-enabled parts and styles, and new viewport controls, subtle modifications and creative designing are easier than ever before. We think you’ll agree this is the most efficient, flexible, and creative software tool for jewelry designers yet!

Create interactive images of your Matrix designs for your customers to view via email or from your company’s website. These three dimensional, photo-realistic images provide full control to the viewer; allowing them to spin, reposition, zoom in and out, and even change gem or metal materials with immediate results! With your design opened in Matrix and a few simple clicks using the Matrix Viewer tool, you can create files used to share your designs with the world in an exciting new way - and they don’t need a 3D program to view it!

Major Table of Contents

  • Introduction...
  • Building Shanks & Bands ...
  • Adding Basic Gems ...
  • Basic Setting Tools ...
  • Closed Curve Tools ...
  • Curves on a Surface...
  • Gems from Curves ...
  • Cutting Tools ...
  • Builders Menu...
  • Surfaces & Solids from Curves...
  • Intermediate Gem Tools...
  • Advanced Profile & Rail Tools ...
  • Curve Tools: Objects on a Surface ...
  • Using Matrix Art ...
  • V-Ray ...

Trainer Profile:

Certificate of Accomplishment in 3D Max
Certificate of Merit in Graphic Designing
Certificate in 3D Jewel By Jewel CAD/CAM from (The Compufield) Mumbai, INDIA
Certificate in Applied Jewel Art (Rhino, Matrix) from Pakistan Gems & Jewelry Development Company
Members of Association of Technology Management IMRTC USA

Over Twenty Years of Professional Experience in the field of in Sketching, Jewelry & Graphic Designing for many Designing sectors has prepared for the job you are always interested in hearing from talented individuals who are interested in joining our team. He is a qualified designer and I would like to be one of those you select to work for your esteemed organization. I am ready for new challenges.

1st Batch Starting
Matrix CAD Training of Jewelry Designing

Register Free in this course, Limited Seats, FnF.


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"Only basic computer skills required and candidate should have to know about the CAD Software and also the understanding of Jewelry related works. So the candidate must have some knowledge of drawing, sketching and modeling. "


A person who would like to become Professional CAD Designer. The people who can attend the program are as under;

  • Students
  • Females can also
  • Professional
  • Interior Designers
  • Fashion Designer


Yes there are a lots of scope and opportunity in jewelry designing field.

Career scope in Jewelry Designing

It is a big question for everyone. How to make career on jewelry designing if you have done your course in jewelry designing then you can get job in private and government sectors board. There are several government departments such as museums, antique houses and others.

A part from the scope in public field, you can choose private sector also and you can get a good job in blow mentioned pleases.

  • Gem Retailing
  • Educational Institutions
  • Garment and Design Firms
  • Material Purchase Logistics Job
  • Marketing Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Gems whole Sailing
  • Model making Jobs
  • Jewelry Houses
Salary Expectancy

Now come to salary points, you can Start-Up your career in any industry as a fresher with about Rs: 10,000 per month or above. And after that, it all depends on you, how much you can earn behalf on your talent. After to and more years of experiences, one may earn up to 30,000 to 60,000 per month.


We at 3D EDUCATORS is adopted the methodology of training with the international criteria. In this training program you can have the complete knowledge and skills regarding the above mentioned program. After the training, you are sound and capable to start the working in the same field. Further your certification will be endorsed from the accredited body, which will increase your worth in the professional market. The training system if required the Computer Labs, then each candidate have the opportunity to learn the curriculum in easiest and calmest way and get the Certification from the accredited body.


As mentioned above the certifications are most important part now in the professional world. Especially in the field of designing, you cannot survive, if you don't have the International Credentials with you. All big organizations Offer the different Certifications that accredited you in the professional world. This is further clarify that CAD Certification Shall be finally given Gems & Jewelry Training and Manufacturing Centre. The Certification holds the unique identity of the candidate, which can be verified through us.


Main Campus:

Suite # 7, Mezzanine Floor, Noble Heights, KDA Scheme # 7, Opposite Sales Tax House/Askari Park, Main University Road Karachi. Contact at : 9221-34857148, 9221-34141329, 0333-2402474

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