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31 May 2020
30 May 2020


Data Science is one the emerging field and requires every country's industry, either is related to Pharmaceuticals, Textile, IT, telecom, health, education, and so many. This diploma in Data Science offers by 3D EDUCATORS and this diploma in data science course will be trained by the team of professionals, who are its self deeply involved in data science field.

Data Science is the newer science pertain to data extraction from big data and converted into more knowledgeable and understandable for ordinary people. It can also be say that data sciences is the study of data mining with prediction and forecasting of available data. To become a good data scientist, it requires multiple or combination of skills, which are mathematics, machine learning, databases, statistics, and other branches of computer science. Further it is also good to know about data issue and problems and how it can be formulated to make a good process of devise effective solutions.

This course diploma in data Science will introduce to students and professionals to understand this rapidly growing field and equip their selves with basic & advanced principles of data sciences and latest tools with great mindset. In this program of diploma in data science offer in Pakistan, the Students & Professionals will learn clear concepts of Data Sciences, and to know the latest and robust techniques with tools, where they can be able to apply and deal with various facets of data sciences with inclusive of data collection and integration, predictive analysis & modelling, exploratory data analysis, descriptive modelling, evaluation, data product creation and effective communication. The Diploma in data Science training in Karachi and Diploma in Data Science training in Pakistan is focused and will cover in broader spectrum, and emphasis on integration and synthesis of different concepts with respect to their applications to solve major and minor issues and problems. Develop your skills in contextual through real data-sets from various disciplines.

    Learning Outcomes

    At the conclusion of the course, students should be able to:
  • What data science is and what skill sets are needed to become a data scientist.
  • What Statistical Inference means and how to identify probability, distributions and statistical modelling for common used, which would be fit for model.
  • Using of Python for statistical modelling and basic analysis.
  • Importance of Exploratory Data Analysis in data science and its significance as well. Application of Basic Tool (plots, graphs, summary statistics) to get the data through EDA
  • Data Science Processes and its component interaction
  • By using of APIs and other tools to scrape the web oriented and collected data.
  • Application of Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) with data science processes in a case study
  • Application of Basic Machine Learning Algorithms k-(Nearest Neighbors (k-NN), Linear Regression, k-means, Naive Bayes), for predictive modelling and analysis. You would also be able to explain that why the Linear Regression and k-NN are the poor choices for Filtering Spam, you can also be able to explain Naïve Bayes is a better alternative etc.
  • Identification of common approaches which has been used for Feature Generation. Identify the basic Feature Selection algorithms (Decision Trees, Filters, Wrappers, Random Forests) and usage in applications
  • Fundamental mathematical and algorithmic ingredients identification and its explanation to constitute a Recommendation Engine
  • Identify and explain fundamental mathematical and algorithmic ingredients that constitute a Recommendation Engine (singular value decomposition, dimensionality reduction, principal component analysis).
  • Create Effective Visualization of provided data (for communication or persuasion).
  • How to do effective work in team on the data science project with harmony and synergistically.
  • Ethical Values in the data science projects related to confidentiality & privacy. (Code of Ethical Practices)

3D EDUCATORS having the privileged to gear up the training of data science and offer the data science Course in Pakistan with great team of professionals. Its helps Organization, and individuals to work on data and its trends, where it is also helping to top management to understand data and make their seld convenient in decision making process.

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Trainer Profile:

Dr. M. S. Waqar
Chief Master Trainer / Designer
PhD, MBA, MS, M.Sc
PMP, CISA, CISSP, ITIL v3 Foundation
Educational Design & Program Consultant
Honorary President of 3D GROUP
Honorary President of IMRTC ASIA and Pakistan Chapter
Honorary Chief Technology Officer of 3D SOLUTIONS
Accredited and Approved Trainer of PECB Canada
ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management
ISO 27001 Information Security Management System
ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager

Over Twenty Years of Professional Experience in the field of IT, Project Management and Technology Management. He has enormous experience in the Programming Languages, databases, Data-Centers and E-Commerce Solutions. Further, he has extensive experience and knowledge of I.T. Audit and System Security Audit and its implementation where have written a complete manual and guidelines for ISACA Chapter USA. Extensive knowledge and practical experience about Project Management, Planning and its implementation with the latest and updated knowledge related to PMI Chapter – USA. Right now he is engaged with various projects with the platform of 3D GROUP. In his tenure, he has implemented more than 1500+ Projects timely and successfully. Further, he has trained almost 50000 candidates in different countries of the world.

Dr. Muhammad Affan Alim
Assistant Professor at the PAF Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology (PAF-KIET),
He also heads the Big Data Analytics and Theoretical Computer Science courses. A cumulative 19 years professional, teaching, training, and research experience. He has 5-year experience of software development including 3-year in London. He has expertise in the domains of Pattern Analysis, Data Science, Image Processing, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. He has published several research papers in IEEE conferences and impact factor journals.

Rafay Jungsher
is a Data Engineer at Sybrid Private Limited, a Lakson Group of Companies and previously was working as an AI trainer at He has cumulative 5-year experience in the field of Big Data Analytics, Data Engineering, and Data Science. He is an expert in python, NLP, deep learning etc

Mr. Sohail Imran
For more than 18 years of experience in conducting training and workshops for databases (SQL and NoSQL), Big Data Infrastructure, and Machine Learning to different institutes, universities, and the corporate sector. More than 8 years of professional experience in Big Data Analytics, Data Science, Data Mining, Data Warehousing and DBMS (SQL and NoSQL). Providing consultancy in designing and developing a Big Data Analytics platform using Java, RapideMiner, Radoop, Python, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Kafka, Spark Streaming, Storm, etc.

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People who are interested to learn Data Science and Secure Yourself from Future Oriented Emerging Technologies Can Learn and Get Job in the market

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"The candidate should have the analytical skills and able to understand the types of data. So those who have these sort of skills can able to join. "


  • The candidate who would like to pursue their career in the field of Data Scientist, Big Data Analytics
  • Intermediate, University students and professionals Candidates
  • Those who would like to enhanced their skills in the field of Data Science
  • Professional can also Join
  • People who are working in the same domain, they would also be joined for further knowledge and enhancement


In early decades of 20th century, there is no problem to get the Job in open market and every person after their qualification may get the job in very easiest way. But in this 21st Century, it is a big task to get a good and Career Oriented Job.. Now there is only one solution to retain and get good jobs in the professional market is to have the International Certifications with Skilled Learning. 3D EDUCATORS is one of the training and development organizations that helps to develop you and enhance your career in the same field where can also provide the opportunity to train & update yourself according to market and its requirement. Data Sciences in Pakistan helps the candidate to get the effective job and equipped them for real data scientist. There are more then 175,000 job are waiting in international market.The Program is the door opening area where you can enter in the field of Data Science.

As you look to begin or even pivot from your current career, you should consider entering the data analytics field as a data scientist. Sounds impressive. The reality is that all the tech connectivity we are creating in the world is spewing out so much data, we need a massive amount of people to translate that data into information. And this “creation of data” will never slow down in your lifetime. That creates the rise of a whole new career designed around data analytics. Hello, data scientist.

Fueled by big data and AI, demand for data science skills is growing exponentially, according to large job sites. The supply of skilled applicants, however, is growing at a slower pace. It's a great time to be a data scientist entering the job market. That's according to recent data from job sites Indeed and Dice. The January 2019 report from Indeed, one of the top job sites, showed a 30% increase in demand for data scientists year over year and a 348% increase since 2013, a dramatic upswing. But while demand, in the form of job postings, continues to rise sharply, searches by job seekers skilled in data science grew at a slower pace (15%), suggesting a gap between supply and demand.


We at ”3D EDUCATORS” is adopted the methodology of training with the international criteria. In this training program you can have the complete knowledge and skills regarding the above mentioned program. After the training, you are sound and capable to start the working in the same field. Further your certification will be endorsed from the accredited body, which will increase your worth in the professional market. The training system if required the Computer Labs, then each candidate have the opportunity to learn the curriculum in easiest and calmest way and get the Certification from the accredited body.


As mentioned above the certifications are most important part now in the professional world. Especially in the field of Data Sciences, you cannot survive, if you don't have got the International Credentials with you. All big organisations Offer the different Certifications that accredited you in the professional world. This is further clarify that this Certification Shall be finally given by us. The Certification Holds the unique identity of the candidate, which can be verified through their official website


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  • Diploma in Data Sciences


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Online Data Sciences Training in Karachi

Online Data Science Course Training in Karachi
Online Data Science Training in Karachi
Online Data Science Training in Karachi