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01 Jul 2018
30 Jun 2018


As generally speaking that a sales tax is a tax imposed on general items that are varied in category as well as in prices and imposed on sales tax payer. The Details vary widely by jurisdiction of Pakistan. Many jurisdictions refer to sales tax on single items and some items are exempted according the regulations of Pakistan. Where some companies according to their cadre have different scenario regarding Sales Tax its payment system. Partnerships generally are not taxed; rather, the partners are taxed on their share of partnership items. Tax may be imposed by both a country and subdivisions. Most jurisdictions exempt locally organized charitable organizations from tax.

Sales tax generally is computed as the product of tax. The tax rate may increase / decrease according to items tangible or intangible. Some Sales tax is defined by Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Pakistan and Services Sales Tax is defined by SRB. These Taxation rates may vary by type or characteristics of the taxpayer. Capital gains may be taxed at different rates than other income. Credits of various sorts may be allowed that reduce tax.

In Pakistan, tax culture was introduced initially, but most of the individuals and companies does not know very properly that how to submit sales tax according to the Law. And finally they done mistakes in submission of sales taxes and when FBR introduces online taxation system through electronically via their official website. From then it becomes more difficult to understand by the ordinary persons or accountants. Therefore, we have 3D EDUCATORS developed one of the required training programs which is most desirable according to the market, individual and companies. The program covers Sales Tax and E-Filing Submission and Offering Sales Tax Training in Karachi and Pakistan.

Sales Tax Training in Karachi, Sales Tax Training With E-filing or you can say Sales Tax Course in Pakistan Generally Not offering related Ordinance, But We 3D EDUCATORS Offering Sales Tax with E-Filing Training or Course with ordinance of Pakistan and gear you up to understand Sales Tax true calculations for E-filing and its submission.

Trainer Profile:

Mr. Javed Mushtaq
MBA, MA Economics, CA, CIMA
Director Finance
Professional Trainer

Over 22 Years of Professional Experience in the field of Accounts and Taxation. He has enormous experience in the field Management Accountancy, Financial Accounting, with Income and Sales Tax handing on large scales, and its related Solutions. Further he has extensive experience and knowledge of Management Accountancy, Financial Accounting, with Income and Sales Tax implementation. He has served various organizations and work as financial consultant. Right now he is engaged with one renowned company as Director Finance and controlling major areas of the company. He also has been engaged with 3D EDUCATORS for last three years numbers candidates have been trained. He training methodology is enormous and due to his versatile experience in his field, he has very good feedback from the students.

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"The person must have the basic knowledge of accounting and able to understand the taxation and its requirement, where he/She can adopt the importance of tax law and its implication and Implementation. "


The Program will be suitable for professionals and who would like to enhance their skills in the area of Sales Tax. After this Sales Tax training the candidate may able to work in the professional environment and able to work on Sales Tax System.


In early decades of 20th century, to get the Job in open market is not the problem and every person after their graduation may have got the job in very easiest way. But in the 21st Century, it is a big task to first get the Job and after getting the job,it is more difficult to retain and upgrade your jobs. Now there is only one solution to retain and get the jobs in the professional market is to have the international certifications. 3D Educators is one of the training and development company that helps to develop and enhance your career and to provide the opportunity to train & update yourself according to market and its requirement.


We at ”3D EDUCATORS” is adopted the methodology of training with the international criteria. In this training program you can have the complete knowledge and skills regarding the above mentioned program. After the training, you are sound and capable to start the working in the same field. Further your certification will be endorsed you as a candidate and increase your worth in the market.


As mentioned above the certifications are most important part now in the professional world. Especially in the field of Taxation, you cannot survive, if you don't have got the International Credentials with you. All big organizations Offer the different Certifications that accredited you in the professional world.


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