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It has been seen that some students can have the opportunity to find their pathways of life career and they have may their elders who guide them, but there are 90% cases that students would be awared and familiar to find the right path and develop their career accordingly. It has been further observed that brilliant or good grades students have the opportunity and guidance but those who are lower in grades they became demotivated and mostly cannot find the appropriate guidance and career counselling. We believe that every human must have the equal opportunity and he or she has the right to find and make a wonderful career like others without any discrimination. After analyzing we have develop a one day workshop where the students and professionals can find their inner capabilities and establish their career accordingly. Join us in our career counselling club C-Cube and become a member and then get the 50% discount in the upcoming workshops.

(Pak Rupees 1000/Year)

After getting the memberships of career counselling club, you will get 50% discount on Career Counselling Workshops and after workshop, you will get one course free of word, excel or powerpoint

Everyone is very much anxious about their Careers and would like that there career planning must be according to market with good prospects & healthy life. Obviously, it is very difficult to know that which career is suitable to any candidate and without knowing about the candidate, it is also difficult to articulate and coomunicate proper career advice. Therefore, detailed career assessment is required and in this respect, one day workshop on career counselling has been designed for your career development and your career guidance, which helps to find your inner capabilities and guide you that which field is better and proper for you. You may also find the career exploration techniques in this workshop and through career assessment test and career assessment quizzes or career assessment questionnaires will guide and provide the exact track of your life according to your nature and inner skills. The career mentor is about 25 years experienced person and in his one day mentorship and coaching, he also point out your personality via using personality assessment techniques and advice you taht what skill development courses is better in your life and how you can grow in your professional career. Furthermore, the workshop also analyze your strengths and weaknesses of you and help you out to find the opportunities in the market and either you need to change your career path or you are in the right path in your life. The coach will also tell you about the recent and advanced technologies regarding industry insights and what are the next decade jobs are coming and available for the new generation in the market. Therefore, don't waste the time and join us through membership and find your right journey in your life.