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06 May 2018
05 May 2018


Transferring of Money from one country to country or person to person another is now very curious today, because Government wants to know that how and when this money is get by the person and most important that what is source of that money. Where terrorism and this sort of activities is happening in all over the world and without money it cannot happened. Therefore, especially in Pakistan State Bank of Pakistan taking the red alert initiatives and through with Banking Laws where SECP – Security Exchange of Pakistan develops some directives to Banking and Insurance Sectors to create the awareness of ANTI MONEY LAUNDERING in your employees/employers and most important the agents as workforce who are working in the field and devising Life insurance and other policies, so they must know about the AML Laws, Regulations and also directives from regulatory bodies of Pakistan, so we can cure or save our society with illegal money and terrorist activities.

The “Anti-Money Laundering” Program has been designed and will be conducted by Senior most Bankers who having the huge experience of training and Banking. They have been working with various large commercial banks in different departments like Branch Banking Operations, Credit Banking Operations, Foreign Trade Banking Operations, Treasury Operations, Anti-Money Laundering, Branch-less Banking Operations Etc. 3D EDUCATORS having a privilege to have an expert people who are conducting the various training sessions in Karachi Pakistan at our campus from last 12 Years and large numbers of Candidates have been trained in this category.


  • After completion of program, participant can get great knowledge of AML
  • Understanding of AML Laws with respect to Financial Sectors
  • Understanding of AML Laws with respect to Insurance Sector
  • SECP Laws understanding with respect to AML
  • Business Ethics and AML
  • Knowing and understanding of Illegal and Legal Money and their transactions

Trainer Profile:

Mr. Zahid Hussain
M.Sc. MBA DAIBP (Banking)
Over 22 Years of experienced in the field of Conventional Banking, particularly expertise in the areas of HR, Credit, Risk and Training & Development. He has been involved in the training & development for last 20 years and conducted so many workshops, training programs regarding with HR, CAD and Risk Management.

Syed Khalid Hussain Faridi

32 Years of Professional experience in the field of Conventional and Islamic Banking. Particularly expertise in the areas of Branch, Credit, Risk Management, Treasury and Anti-Money Laundering and foreign Trade Banking. He has been involved in the training & development for last 25 years and conducted various workshops in HBL, IBP, State Bank, Bank Al Habib, Soneri Bank etc training programs in his whole life and develops large number of Human Resources in this sector, where his contribution related to developing skilled HR in the particular aforementioned sector is really remarkable and thankless to this country.

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"The person should have good background of financial sector, and must be involved in any financial, banking, insurance, actuarial, stock and currency market sectors. "


The following people can attend the program.

  • Sales Executives
  • Agents and Field Persons of Insurance and Banking Sectors
  • Accounts Opening Branch Managers and operational Managers
  • Insurance company Managers, Assistants, and Executives
  • General Managers, Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents


In early decades of 20th century, to get the Job in open market is not the problem and every person after their graduation may have got the job in very easiest way. But in the 21st Century, it is a big task to first get the Job and after getting the job, it is more difficult to retain and upgrade your jobs. Now there is only one solution to retain and get the jobs in the professional market is to have the international certifications. 3D Educators is one of the training and development company that helps to develop and enhance your career and to provide the opportunity to train & update yourself according to market and its requirement.


We at ”3D EDUCATORS” is adopted the methodology of training with the international criteria. In this training program you can have the complete knowledge and skills regarding the above mentioned program. After the training, you are sound and capable to start or move up in the same field. Further your certification will be endorsed you as a candidate and increase your worth in the local and International Market.


From an individual perspective, seeking Bankers accreditation is useful only if employers in the field are aware of the accreditation and value it. The True Bankers demand is always high, where individuals are not waiting for this opportunity; This training with Certification will give you the edge in the corporate banking market and help you out in your career as well. Further, the Certification shall be awarded by IMRTC - USA as co-branded certificate with 3D EDUCATORS.


You may contact at 9221 - 34857148, 9221 - 34141329 or 0333-2402474, 0322-2083032 and (Contact Timings from 11:00am - 10:00pm)PST

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  • Anti Money Laundering  Training


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Antimoney Laundering Training in Karachi Pakistan

Antimoney Laundering Course in Karachi Pakistan
Antimoney Laundering Course Training in Karachi Pakistan
Online Antimoney Laundering Certification in Karachi Pakistan