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S.No Program Name Fee Speaker Duration Program Date Description
1 Real Existance of Time Rs.600/- for Outsiders -- 3D Educators Student Fee Rs.400/- Dr. M. S. Waqar - PhD, MBA, MS, MSc, PMP, CISSP, CISA, A+, Microsoft partner, President of 3D Group 2 hours 17 June 2011


This program shall cover various concepts of time. Philosophers have presented time theories related to space and other factors or variables. In this program we'll talk and share the birth of this universe with respects of calendar, time, references etc. The process of reincarnation of this world i.e When, where and how many times it was eliminated and regenerated..

We'll discuss the actual value of a SECOND. You might have heard that a second or a year of Earth and other Planet's are of different span / duration. Now you are going to analyze the time you have passed and how to spend the rest of it effectively.

We are here to share our experience, experiments and knowledge for your growth and development. We give high value to those who are in a process of self development. Looking forward to see you For Further Information please contact 9221-34141329, 9221-334857148, 0322-2083032 or